Universal Attraction Law

All books have been written about the law of attraction. In short, this law is tantamount to attracting what you are sending out. Often the law of attraction is presented as a single law. However, it is impossible to detach universal laws from each other.

Does the law of Attraction not work for you yet?

You may have already tried to work with this law, and the results might not be what you expected. Disappointed, you stop there and you think it doesn't work. If you have more knowledge of the whole, you will become clearer how the law of Attraction works.

In this article, I explain to you how the law of Attraction works in connection with other laws.


Everything is energy. Everything consists of vibrations and vibrations. From a large mountain to a radiant star to the firmament.

A physical law is that energy follows the path of least resistance and can flow freely. In this way, a maximum result is achieved with the lowest possible effort. Nature is efficient.

We humans each have a unique vibrational pattern. This also applies to everything in the universe. Everything that is created is new and has not existed before. You too have a unique vibrational pattern.

Most people sit on a low vibration by stuck blockages. Because energy follows the law of the least resistance, equal or almost equal vibrational frequencies tend to vibrate with each other. This is the law of harmonic resonance. This is because equal or almost equal vibration (vibrations in phase) reinforce each other, resulting in more results with less energy.


If the free flow of energy is blocked, by resistance or emotions, then blockages arise. The energy can no longer flow freely and physical or psychological complaints can arise. Low frequencies dominate your energy pattern. It is on this principle – the law of Attraction – that you attract what you think, feel, or attract what you are blocking, what you emit.

The ego plays a big role. This sometimes has different wishes than our higher self. We have given the ego much power in our present way of life. The wishes of our ego for example can block the free energy flow.

When our ego makes place for our higher self, everything happens in our lives – based on the principle of least resistance – virtually ' as by itself '. That is the law of surrender.

Mirror yourself

However, we are not always aware of everything we broadcast. By seeing reality as a reflection of ourselves, we can get to know ourselves better. That is the mirror principle.

A consequence of this law is that that which we focus our attention to, we are more and more interested in joining us. That is the law of attention. Everything that gives you attention grows, which means that if you always focus on problems, more problems will come to you. So by taking a good look at what is happening around you, you can make a reasonable estimation of your vibration.

A short summary. We have the law of vibration and frequencies. These include the Sub-laws of attention and of attraction. If you don't know how to break out, your life will continue in circles of more of the same. This is the law of harmonic resonance. Now you can also understand why you are always in the same situation.

Increasing your Vibration

Now that you know this, it becomes clear that the only way to get here is to increase your vibration. How do you do that?

Below I give you some suggestions:

  1. To solve emotional blockages and convincing.
  2. Try to listen to the whispers of your soul and put your ego on the side.
  3. Do things that make you happy. This brings you into a higher vibration.
  4. Meditations.
  5. Listen to music, for example music from Source. Music that is made to increase your vibration.
  6. Connects you to the source in your daily meditations.
  7. Come on the move.
  8. Focus on positive things.

According to the law of vibration and frequencies, a higher vibration can transform a low vibration. Conversely, this is not possible. If you manage to get into a higher vibration and stay at a given moment, you will see that other things are coming on your path.

How to maintain your disease (unconscious)

Do you now understand that if you are always sick with you, you maintain your low vibration in this way? Also if you think good things to visit things like all sorts of therapists, look up information about your illness and so forth. You live from the shortages you experience from your sick, and this makes it more difficult to recover.

Note, I'm not saying you should do anything and not need to go looking. But there must be a balance, it should not be an obsession. It is a question of learning how to observe your vibrations and learn to work with it.

I've already given some tips on what you can do to increase your vibration, but a very important thing is your mindset. How do you think about being sick, how do you deal with it, what can you do better and not do?

In The following articles I share some skills with you to get more directing over your life, more grip on being sick.


Finally, there is the law of surrender. Are you really going to happen to have positive things in your life? Can you really leave it to the universe and feel confident that it is coming to you? Can you step out of your ego and let your soul work through you? Life from the emotion of your heart? Because this is also part of the whole process. Without trust and surrender there will not be much change.

I hope you now have more insight into the law of attraction and can get more grip on it. The universe grants you everything and much more!

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