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"Fear or Love, The Choice That Changes Your Life"

In every situation in your life you decide which feeling you are experiencing. However, you have only two choices in terms of feelings. Love or fear what choice do you make?

You choose your own feelings

Whenever you come across something in life you will feel something here. There is an emotion creeping up in response to the event. This can be an emotion that you experience as positive, such as gratitude, joy, consolation or happiness. You can also experience an emotion that feels negative, such as jealousy, hatred, sadness, rejection, disappointment or envy. Although in most cases we think we have no influence on the feelings we experience, the opposite is true. We can send our emotions, and determine what feelings we experience in response to every event. An event has no meaning until you assign it to it. You choose how you want to respond to something that happens to you. And although we usually function on the autopilot, (unconscious) you have a choice in the reaction that triggers an event in your body.

Choose Your own emotion

Why is this so interesting? Mainly because we can use this free choice to make our lives more beautiful. When something ' annoying ' happens to us, you can decide how to react to it. Good and bad do not exist, so nothing is fixed beforehand. Who says this event is by definition bad? You can choose for yourself what feeling you want to link to it, and this freedom gives you the chance to make your life more joyful.

Choosing Between fear and Love

When you look at the feelings you experience, the spectrum of emotions stems from just two basic emotions: "LOVE or FEAR" These are the two basic feelings from which we all act. Fear is the emotion of dislike, secluded, hatred, flee, fighting, shedding, jealousy, envy, low vibration frequency and all other negative feelings. Love is the emotion of joy, pleasure, connection, being together, working together, joy, high vibration frequency and all other positive feelings. In every situation in your life you react in essence from one of these two emotions. You respond from love or from fear. Many people react automatically from fear. They're afraid to get rid of something, or experience something they don't want. However, you have the choice of what emotion you want to react to.

Fear makes your life less fine

As you understand, life from feelings of fear in the long term is not pleasant. Whoever is living around fear bases his life on negative emotions, and the fear of experiencing these emotions. The more fear you bring into your life, the more reason you will get to be anxious. Your emotional world will be dominated by negative feelings, your body blocks, you're out of connection with all the consequences that entails.

Love makes your life more beautiful

When you base your life on feelings of love, you will make your life more beautiful and joyful in the long and short term. The more love you feel, the more love you will experience. You can choose to feel love in everything that happens to you. You can choose a positive energy in your life that works out in all areas of your life.

So you choose the sense of love

Ask yourself, when you are standing for a choice, whether you respond from love or from fear. And when you want to react from a sense of fear (jealousy, rejection, disappointment or hate, for example), stand still, and ask yourself how you can react if you act out of love.

Blockages in your body

If you have long lived in fear for too long by some reason, you have put out protection for your own wall around your heart in order not to experience any more pain. That wall has been able to offer you temporary protection, but of course it is not the solution in the long run. Through that wall you have accumulated blockages in your body that ensure that you no longer flow and therefore do not feel complete. Your feeling is gone!  You're out of connection! Of course, this is easier said than done in many cases. Therefore, you should not expect to be able to make a choice from now on to only respond from love.


You can become more aware of your reactions and thoughts. So you (unconscious) make patterns conscious. You can train yourself to live more often from love, and leave life out of fear behind you. This will do you step by step, and not the one the other day. We can help you get back in touch and connect with yourself and let you "feel" again instead Make the choices from your head again.

The basis of life is freedom...  The purpose of life is joy...  The result of life is growth...  Live from Love for yourself

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