Relax and enjoy
More and more people are looking for reflection, relaxation and rest. Bed & Breakfast Upper does offer plenty of possibilities and space for unhurried guests. Use of our spa/Jacuzzi is one of the possibilities. The temperature of the water is around 40 °c

Price of use is €7.50 per person including towels.

Rental of bathrobes is €7.50 per person.

Please indicate in your reservation request that you wish to use the Jacuzzi and or bathrobes.

Use of SPA/Jacuzzi 

* Use of the SPA/Jacuzzi is entirely at your own risk!  Up to 5 people at the same time. Children under 10 years are only supervised.  Wearing swimwear is obligatory.  It is not allowed to consume soft drinks, alcohol or food in the Jacuzzi.
SPA/Jacuzzi Bed & Breakfast Upper does
Rural garden with Canopy
Rooms 1.2, and 3 of B&B upper